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Items being shipped can be cleared by the company or by customers themselves. If customers are so inclined, we can even deliver goods to our warehouse in Ghana for convenient pick-up; we, at Dominion International Shipping aim to make the movement of items from here to there as fluid and as smooth as possible. We offer trustworthy advice on loading and delivery of goods; we also provide a professional and peaceful atmosphere where customers can package their goods quickly and efficiently or have it done for them.


Services provided include:


Door to doorLoading Dock ServicesPickup of goods (to warehouse)
• Express service to Tema (4 weeks); Regular service to Tema (6 weeks)

• Express service to Takrodi (5 weeks); Regular service to Takrodi (2 months)

• Delivery to Accra, Kumasi, and other parts of Ghana


Items shipped:


Cars, mattresses, barrels, personal effects, household goods, used clothing, bicycles, motorbikes,
   motorcycles, etc.


Past Shipments

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