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Time and time again customers complain that their shipping company is not reliable; these companies do not do what they say they will do and they cannot entrust to them their valuable items. We, at Dominion International Shipping (DIS), having been customers ourselves, have experienced this treatment and understand the turmoil customers go through. We would like to save our customers from such uncertainty and distrust. We want the shipping experience of our customers to be better and we can ensure that by keeping to our word. DIS operates with clarity and clairvoyance; our clearing agents are dependable and get the job done. Our workers vow to handle your precious goods with care and with precision, all while maintaining our cost effective status.



Operations Coordinator

Samuel has logistics experience with Martinrea. He is licensed under OMVIC and a UCDA member. He obtained his certification in Automotive Law and Ethics with Georgian College and has 6 years of experience in the automotive industry as an export car dealer. Mr. Opare also has 14 years of shipping experience, having worked in the UK with renowned and reputable shipping companies such as SEACAS International and Shecargo Shipping Company. With both companies, he managed the warehouse and business flourished under his care. He has brought that same workmanship and dedication to his position here at Dominion International Shipping as Operations Coordinator. 

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Dominion International Shipping offers a respectful, cultured environment in which to work. At DIS, we want everyone to experience the satisfaction and peace of mind that should come with shipping goods. The goal of the owners is to foster loyalty in their customers and for their personnel to be employed at a place where they are excited to work, where they are happy to be working, and where they work with people who have integrity and who take pride in their work. We offer job satisfaction and fair compensation. Consider joining us today.


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